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Alchemi Group is a prominent property development company based in the UK. They specialize in creating innovative and luxurious residential and commercial properties. With a strong focus on sustainability and design excellence, Alchemi Group has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional projects in prime locations across London and other major cities in the UK.

The company has a talented team of experts who are committed to ensuring every development meets the highest quality standards. They work closely with renowned architects, designers, and contractors to bring their visions to life.

Alchemi Group boasts an impressive portfolio of successful projects, including residential apartments, townhouses, mixed-use developments, and office spaces. They prioritize creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and environmentally friendly.

In addition to their development expertise, Alchemi Group also offers property investment and management services. They provide comprehensive advice and support to investors, helping them make informed decisions while maximizing their returns.

Overall, Alchemi Group is a leading property development company that excels in creating exceptional properties through their dedication to design excellence, sustainability, and attention to detail.

Properties by Alchemi Group

55 Victoria Street (55 VS)
55 Victoria Street (55 VS)

Overlooking the lively Victoria Street from the roof of a 1980s office building, the developers at Alchemi were inspired by...

£1,000,000 / Guide Price
Westminster Fire Station
Westminster Fire Station

Nestled in Victoria, SW1, the historic Westminster Fire Station, with its striking Edwardian architecture, represents a significant chapter in early...

£500,000 / Guide Price