About Elysian Residences

Elysian Residences is a property development company based in the UK. They specialize in creating luxurious retirement communities tailored for individuals aged 65 and above. The company's focus is on establishing vibrant communities that offer an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle for their residents.

Elysian Residences prides itself on delivering exceptional quality in all aspects of their developments. They collaborate with renowned architects, interior designers, and landscapers to create attractive and well-designed buildings and communal areas. The company's attention to detail ensures that each property reflects elegance and comfort.

The retirement communities developed by Elysian Residences are designed to promote an active and social lifestyle. Facilities and amenities often include fitness centers, swimming pools, wellness spas, cafes, restaurants, and communal gardens. Regular social events and activities are arranged to encourage a sense of community and foster lasting friendships among residents.

Furthermore, Elysian Residences offers a range of care and support services tailored to suit individual needs. Licensed nurses and personal assistants are available to provide assistance with everyday tasks and ensure residents' wellbeing.

Elysian Residences adheres to sustainable building practices, incorporating energy-efficient measures and environmentally friendly technologies into their developments. This commitment to sustainability ensures a greener future for both residents and the wider community.

With their expertise and dedication to creating exceptional retirement communities, Elysian Residences is a trusted choice for those seeking a sophisticated and fulfilling retirement lifestyle in the UK.

Properties by Elysian Residences


Elysian Residences introduces The Landsby in Stanmore, encapsulating a philosophy that envisions ageing as a phase of life that is...

£885,000 / Guide Price
The Oren
The Oren

Elysian Residences embraces a philosophy centered on the belief that life's later years should be rich, rewarding, and imbued with...

£1,825,000 / Guide Price