About Shepherds Bush Housing Group

Shepherds Bush Housing Group is a renowned UK property development company specializing in providing affordable housing solutions. With decades of experience, the company has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality, sustainable homes in the Shepherds Bush area of London. Shepherds Bush Housing Group focuses on developing properties that meet the diverse needs of the local community, including affordable rented homes, shared ownership, and independent living options for older residents. They are committed to maintaining a high standard of design and construction, ensuring that their developments contribute positively to the local environment. As a socially responsible company, Shepherds Bush Housing Group also actively engages in community initiatives and partnerships to create vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods.

Properties by Shepherds Bush Housing Group


The launch of AW4KEN on the 11th of September marks the introduction of a distinctive housing option in Chiswick, encapsulated...

£735,000 / Guide Price