About St Edward

St Edward is a prominent property development company based in the UK. Founded in 2002 as a joint venture between Berkeley Group and Prudential, the company has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional residential developments. With a focus on creating inspirational places where people can live, work, and relax, St Edward prides itself on its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovative design.

The company aims to create thriving communities through its developments, ensuring that each project incorporates a range of amenities and green spaces to enhance the lifestyle of residents. St Edward has a diverse portfolio of developments, including prestigious properties in prime locations such as London, Surrey, and Berkshire.

What sets St Edward apart is its attention to detail and dedication to excellence. The company collaborates with talented architects, designers, and construction professionals to deliver exceptional homes that meet the highest standards. The company also places a strong emphasis on sustainable development, implementing environmentally friendly practices throughout its projects.

As part of the Berkeley Group, St Edward has a solid financial foundation and benefits from the group's extensive experience in the property industry. This enables the company to provide a comprehensive range of services, including property management, customer service, and aftercare support.

St Edward has received numerous accolades for its outstanding projects, demonstrating its commitment to delivering the highest quality homes. The company's developments are highly sought after by those looking for luxurious and comfortable living spaces in desirable locations.

Overall, St Edward is a respected property development company that combines creativity, expertise, and attention to detail to create exceptional residential developments.

Properties by St Edward

Bankside Gardens
Bankside Gardens

Bankside Gardens presents a novel angle on city dwelling, standing out as a vibrant, waterside community just moments away from...

£415,500 / Guide Price
Green Park Village
Green Park Village

Green Park Village emerges as a distinctive, ever-evolving community nestled just minutes from Reading town centre, offering a serene lakeside...

£295,000 / Guide Price
Hartland Village
Hartland Village

This development showcases beautifully designed houses with options for both 3 and 4 bedroom layouts, each thoughtfully integrated into a...

£610,000 / Guide Price