About Stanhope

Stanhope is a renowned property development company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1984, the company has established itself as a leading player in the industry, specializing in creating innovative and sustainable developments. With vast experience in both commercial and residential projects, Stanhope has delivered numerous landmark developments across the UK.

Stanhope's diverse portfolio includes major regeneration schemes, office buildings, retail developments, and housing projects. They are recognized for their commitment to quality craftsmanship, exceptional design, and attention to detail. The company places a strong emphasis on creating sustainable developments that enhance the local communities and surroundings.

One of Stanhope's notable projects is the prestigious Broadgate development in London, which has transformed the city's financial district and become a symbol of urban regeneration. Additionally, Stanhope has successfully delivered significant projects like the Television Centre in White City, a vibrant mixed-use development that includes commercial office space and residential properties.

Stanhope's success can be attributed to its collaborative approach, working closely with local authorities, investors, and stakeholders to ensure the successful delivery of each project. They also prioritize environmental sustainability by integrating green initiatives and energy-efficient technologies into their developments.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional projects that inspire and enrich communities, Stanhope has established a strong reputation in the property development industry. Their dedication to excellence, sustainable practices, and innovative design makes them a trusted choice for those seeking high-quality developments in the UK.

Properties by Stanhope

Television Centre
Television Centre

Located in the evolving West London area, White City is shaping up as a notable destination, featuring a host of...

£2,750,000 / Guide Price