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New build homes for sale in Castle Donington

Regency Park

Regency Park

Castle Donington, Derbyshire, DE74 2JW

£315,000 - £530,000

William Davis Homes

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Why Buy a New Home in Castle Donington?

Castle Donington, nestled in the heart of Derbyshire, United Kingdom, offers an idyllic setting for anyone looking to settle into a new home. This charming village is not only steeped in history and surrounded by stunning scenery but also boasts modern amenities and conveniences, making it an ideal location for families, professionals, and retirees alike. From its top-notch restaurants to excellent schools, well-equipped gyms, serene parks, and efficient transport routes, Castle Donington seamlessly blends rural charm with contemporary living.

Top Restaurants

Food enthusiasts will find Castle Donington a gastronomic delight. The village is home to an array of restaurants catering to various palates and preferences. Among them is the renowned Sage Restaurant, known for its exquisite British cuisine, which uses locally sourced ingredients to create a seasonal menu that dazzles the taste buds. Another gem is The Priest House by the River, offering a unique dining experience with scenic views, perfect for special occasions. These dining establishments, among others, provide residents with the luxury of world-class cuisine right at their doorstep.


For families considering new homes in Castle Donington, the village boasts several highly regarded schools. Castle Donington College stands out for its comprehensive curriculum and commitment to student development, ensuring children receive a quality education within a supportive community. Additionally, St Edwards C of E Primary School is celebrated for its friendly atmosphere and excellent teaching, making it a great option for younger children.

Local Amenities: Gyms & Parks

Health and fitness enthusiasts will be pleased with Castle Donington's range of gyms and parks. The village supports a healthy lifestyle with facilities like Anytime Fitness, a 24/7 gym catering to all fitness levels. Moreover, the abundance of green spaces, including the picturesque Castle Donington Park, provides perfect settings for outdoor activities, nature walks, and family picnics, contributing to the area's appeal.

Transport Routes

Accessibility is a key factor that enhances Castle Donington's attractiveness for new homeowners. Positioned near major transportation hubs, the village offers easy access to the M1 Motorway, making commutes to surrounding cities like Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester a breeze. Additionally, East Midlands Airport is conveniently close, providing both domestic and international travel options. This connectivity ensures that residents enjoy both the tranquility of village life and the convenience of urban accessibility. In conclusion, Castle Donington presents an unbeatable opportunity for those seeking new homes. With its welcoming community, exceptional dining options, reputable schools, ample amenities for health and leisure, and strategic location, it's a compelling choice for anyone looking to start anew in a place that offers the best of both worlds.