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New build homes for sale in Overstone

Overstone Gate

Overstone Gate

Overstone, Northamptonshire, NN6 0RW

£259,995 - £374,995

Barratt Homes

Overstone Gate

Overstone Gate

Overstone, Northamptonshire, NN6 0RS

£334,995 - £729,995

David Wilson Homes

The Atrium

The Atrium

Overstone, Northamptonshire, NN6 0AA

£269,995 - £474,995

Bovis Homes

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Why Buy a New Home in Overstone?

Overstone, located in the heart of Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, presents an ideal location for homeownership. Its blend of picturesque landscapes, robust community amenities, and convenient transport links make it an attractive option for individuals and families alike. Here’s why Overstone stands out as a fantastic place to buy a new home.

Top Restaurants

Overstone boasts a remarkable selection of eateries that cater to a wide range of tastes. The Overstone Arms is renowned for its traditional British cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients, offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere. For those who enjoy Italian cuisine, Bella Vita provides a charming dining experience with authentic dishes that transport you to Italy. These top restaurants, among others in the vicinity, ensure that residents have access to varied and high-quality dining options.

Leading Schools

For families considering the educational landscape, Overstone does not disappoint. It's home to highly regarded institutions such as Overstone Primary School, known for its excellent Ofsted rating and a nurturing environment. Secondary education options are equally impressive, with Northampton School for Boys and Northampton School for Girls offering outstanding academic and extracurricular programs. These educational establishments not only deliver quality education but also foster a strong sense of community among students and parents.

Health and Fitness Facilities

Residents of Overstone enjoy access to top-tier gyms and fitness facilities. Overstone Park Resort, for example, not only offers a gym but also tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a golf course, ensuring that there are ample options for staying active and healthy. Local parks, such as Sywell Country Park, provide scenic trails for walking, jogging, and cycling, making it easy to enjoy the great outdoors.

Parks and Recreation

The area is rich in green spaces, offering peaceful retreats and recreational activities. Billingley Park is a favorite among families, featuring play areas for children and spacious fields for picnics and leisure activities. The proximity to Pitsford Water also provides opportunities for fishing, sailing, and bird watching, catering to nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Transport Routes

Overstone’s accessibility is another key advantage. It is well-connected by road, with the A43 providing direct routes to Northampton and Kettering, facilitating an easy commute. The Northampton railway station, a short drive away, offers regular services to London and Birmingham, among other major cities. This comprehensive network of transport options ensures that residents can easily navigate the region and beyond. In conclusion, Overstone’s combination of culinary delights, educational excellence, health and fitness options, recreational amenities, and convenient transport links make it an exceptional location for buying a new home. Whether you’re a professional seeking a tranquil retreat or a family yearning for a vibrant community, Overstone caters to a diverse range of needs and preferences, establishing itself as a gem in Northamptonshire’s crown.