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New build homes for sale in Amesbury

Kings Gate

Kings Gate

Amesbury, Wiltshire, SP4 7GY

£290,000 - £510,000

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Why Buy a New Home in Amesbury?

Amesbury, nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, England, stands as a gem for homebuyers seeking not just a place to live but a community to thrive in. With its rich history, proximity to the iconic Stonehenge, and vibrant local culture, Amesbury offers a perfect blend of rural charm and modern amenities. Here’s why this serene town is an ideal location for your new home.

Top Restaurants

Amesbury boasts a diverse culinary scene that caters to all tastes. The Greyhound, renowned for its cozy atmosphere and traditional British cuisine, offers a dining experience that encapsulates the warmth of Amesbury. For Italian cuisine enthusiasts, La Lupa stands out with its authentic dishes and inviting ambiance. Those in search of global flavors will find solace in The Orchard, which provides an assortment of international dishes prepared with local ingredients.

Reputable Schools

Education is a cornerstone of the Amesbury community. The town is home to Amesbury Archer Primary School, celebrated for its innovative approach to education and strong emphasis on community values. For older students, Stonehenge School offers a comprehensive curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular activities, fostering both academic and personal growth. The commitment to education in Amesbury ensures a nurturing environment for families.

Gyms and Parks

Staying active and connected with nature is effortless in Amesbury. The town is equipped with modern fitness centers such as Amesbury Sports & Community Centre, offering various sports and wellness programs. Additionally, the proximity to Salisbury Plain and Amesbury Town Park provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities, from serene walks to adventurous hikes, ensuring a balanced lifestyle for residents.

Transport Routes

Accessibility is another hallmark of Amesbury, making it an attractive location for those commuting to nearby cities or exploring the English countryside. The A303 runs close to the town, providing direct routes to London and the Southwest. Public transportation options, including bus services, offer convenient access to Salisbury and beyond, ensuring that residents can easily navigate the surrounding areas. In summary, Amesbury represents an ideal blend of historical allure, community spirit, and modern conveniences. With its top-notch dining scenes, esteemed educational institutions, accessible wellness and recreational spaces, and superb transport links, Amesbury is undeniably a great place to consider for your new home. The town not only promises a peaceful and enriching lifestyle but also positions itself as a vibrant and welcoming community for individuals and families alike.