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New build homes for sale in St Austell

Higher Trewhiddle

Higher Trewhiddle

St Austell, Cornwall, PL25 5FR

£299,950 - £475,000

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Why Buy a New Home in St Austell?

St Austell, nestled in the heart of Cornwall, United Kingdom, stands as a beacon for those seeking to find a new place to call home. This charming town offers not only the allure of the Cornish coast but also a community rich with amenities and connections that cater to all lifestyles. Whether you're in the market for new homes in St Austell or simply contemplating the idea, there are compelling reasons why this picturesque location should top your list.

Top Restaurants and Culinary Delights

St Austell boasts an impressive culinary scene that can satisfy the palate of any food enthusiast. The Longstore, renowned for its steak and seafood, offers dining experiences that are both memorable and mouth-watering. For those who prefer Italian cuisine, Nepalese Chef is a must-visit, serving authentic dishes that transport diners straight to Italy. Additionally, the town's proximity to the sea means access to fresh, local seafood at restaurants like The Austell Project, which combines Cornish produce with modern cooking techniques.

Exemplary Schools for Future Generations

For families considering moving to St Austell, education is a key factor, and the town does not disappoint. Poltair School, offering a comprehensive education, has a strong community ethos that supports student learning and well-being. Additionally, Penrice Academy excels in providing an environment that fosters both academic achievement and personal growth, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

Active Lifestyle and Wellness

Maintaining an active lifestyle is easy in St Austell, thanks to its numerous gyms and parks. St Austell Leisure Centre, with its modern facilities, offers everything from swimming pools to fitness classes, catering to all fitness levels. The Clay Trails, perfect for bike rides or walks, offer picturesque routes through the Cornish countryside. Meanwhile, Polkyth Leisure Park presents families and fitness enthusiasts with the perfect outdoor space for exercise and relaxation.

Convenient Transport Routes

Accessibility is another significant advantage of living in St Austell. The town is well-connected via road and rail, making commutes and travels seamless. The A391 and A390 provide direct routes to neighboring cities, while the St Austell railway station is a key stop on the Cornish Main Line, offering direct links to London Paddington, Plymouth, and beyond. This connectivity is a huge plus for professionals and anyone looking to explore the richness of Cornwall and the South West of England. In conclusion, St Austell provides a harmonious blend of coastal living, community amenities, and connectivity that makes it an ideal location for buying a new home. With its top-class restaurants, schools, gyms, parks, and easy access to transport routes, it offers a lifestyle that's hard to match, making new homes in St Austell a highly desirable consideration for anyone looking to settle in Cornwall.