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Victoria Heights

Alphington, Devon, EX2 9SQ

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Why Buy a New Home in Alphington?

Alphington, nestled in the scenic landscapes of the United Kingdom, offers a unique blend of charm, comfort, and convenience, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to buy a new home. From its top-notch restaurants and schools to its well-equipped gyms, serene parks, and excellent transport links, Alphington presents a comprehensive package for both individuals and families.

Top Restaurants

Alphington boasts a variety of dining options that cater to all tastes. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a lavish dinner, this area has it all. One of the local favorites, The Alphington Arms, offers a cozy atmosphere along with a modern British menu that never fails to impress. For those who enjoy international cuisine, The Exotic Flavors Restaurant is a must-visit, serving up an array of dishes from around the world, prepared with local, fresh ingredients.


Education is a priority in Alphington, with several schools renowned for their commitment to excellence. Alphington Primary School is celebrated for its nurturing environment and high academic standards. Older students often attend West Exe School, known for its broad curriculum and exceptional extracurricular opportunities. These institutions not only promise a promising academic future for the children but also play a significant role in the community’s vibrancy.


For those keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Alphington doesn't disappoint. The area is home to state-of-the-art gyms like The Fitness Suite, which offers a wide array of workout equipment, personal training sessions, and fitness classes to suit all levels. The Alphington Community Centre also provides various recreational activities and sports programs, ensuring there's something for everyone.


Nature lovers will find solace in Alphington’s picturesque parks. The widely acclaimed Alphington Park is a particularly lovely spot for families, offering ample green space for picnics, playgrounds for children, and pathways for leisurely walks or jogs. This emphasis on green, usable spaces underscores Alphington's commitment to a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Transport Routes

Convenience is key in Alphington, with its strategic location offering excellent transport links. The area is served by several bus routes, providing easy access to the surrounding areas and beyond. Additionally, the nearby Exeter St. David's railway station ensures that residents can enjoy seamless connections to the rest of the UK, making it perfect for both daily commuters and those wishing to explore further afield. In conclusion, Alphington stands out as an inviting place to buy a new home, offering a perfect mix of residential tranquility, community facilities, and connectivity that is hard to match. Whether it's the desire for a gourmet meal, the need for a reputable school, the pursuit of fitness goals, the yearning for natural beauty, or the demand for convenient transport, Alphington caters to all these and more, making it a prime choice for prospective homeowners.