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New build homes for sale in Hull

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson

Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU3 5PY

£156,995 - £210,995

Keepmoat Homes

Baronet Park

Baronet Park

Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU8 7TH

From £150,000

William Davis Homes

Mulberry Gardens

Mulberry Gardens

Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU7 3GX

£155,000 - £290,000

Persimmon Homes



Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU7 3AE

£270,000 - £460,000

Charles Church

Trinity Pastures

Trinity Pastures

Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU4 6BN

£240,000 - £287,500

Persimmon Homes

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Why Buy a New Home in Hull?

Introduction to Hull

Hull, officially known as Kingston upon Hull, situated in East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom, represents a vibrant community with an enriched maritime history and a modern urban lifestyle. Its cultural heritage, combined with contemporary living experiences, makes Hull an attractive spot for anyone looking to find new homes in Hull. This city not only boasts an array of amenities including top-notch restaurants, esteemed educational institutions, well-equipped gyms, sprawling parks, and efficient transport routes, but it also promises a quality of life that is hard to match.

Top Restaurants in Hull

For food enthusiasts, Hull presents a diverse culinary scene. Restaurants like "The Old House" by Shoot The Bull in the historic old town offer an innovative British menu that sources local ingredients. For an exceptional seafood experience, "1884 Wine & Tapas Bar" is a must-visit, reflecting Hull's strong connection to the sea. These dining destinations provide not just meals, but memorable experiences for all food lovers.

Leading Schools for Education

Education is a cornerstone of any community, and Hull excels in this domain with institutions like Hull Collegiate School and Hymers College, which offer top-notch education from primary to secondary levels. Hull University also ranks as a leading higher education institution, making the city a hub for both academic excellence and research innovation.

Gyms and Parks for a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining an active lifestyle in Hull is effortless with the numerous gyms and fitness centers available, including the popular Total Fitness Hull and Xercise4Less, which cater to all fitness levels. Meanwhile, East Park and Pearson Park offer extensive green spaces for sports, leisure, and family picnics, emphasizing Hull's commitment to health and well-being.

Efficient Transport Routes

Hull's transport infrastructure supports both local and national travel needs. Hull Paragon Interchange is a key transport hub, offering seamless train and bus connections across the UK. Local bus services and the A63 motorway provide efficient routes within the city and to neighboring areas, making commuting and school runs as smooth as possible.


In summary, Hull's unique blend of historical charm, cultural depth, and modern amenities make it an ideal location for anyone looking to find new homes. Whether it’s the culinary diversity, educational opportunities, health and leisure facilities, or the efficient transport system, Hull offers a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Considering all these factors, it's clear why Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire stands out as a great place to buy a new home.