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New build homes for sale in Tiptree

Barbrook Lane

Barbrook Lane

Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0GE

£310,000 - £375,000

William Davis Homes

Bloor Homes at Tiptree

Bloor Homes at Tiptree

Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0JH

£300,000 - £510,000

Bloor Homes

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Why Buy a New Home in Tiptree?

Tiptree, located in the heart of Essex, United Kingdom, is an exquisite place to start anew by purchasing a home. Known for its unique blend of picturesque landscapes, vibrant community, and superb amenities, Tiptree stands out as an ideal location for families, professionals, and anyone looking to buy a new home. From its top-tier restaurants to its high-quality schools, and from its comprehensive transport networks to its lush parks and modern gyms, Tiptree offers a lifestyle that's hard to beat.

Top Restaurants

Tiptree is home to an array of dining options that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. The Courtyard, a local favourite, offers a delightful menu filled with traditional British cuisine and contemporary dishes. For those who prefer international flavours, Izumi offers an exquisite Japanese dining experience with its expertly prepared sushi and sashimi. These restaurants, among others in Tiptree, not only serve delectable food but also contribute to the town's vibrant social scene, making new homes in Tiptree even more appealing.

Schools and Education

Considering education, Tiptree shines with its range of reputable schools. The Tiptree Heath Primary School and Thurstable School offer excellent educational opportunities for younger residents, making the area particularly attractive for families. These institutions are complimented by nearby colleges and universities, ensuring a seamless education journey from early years to higher education.

Gyms and Parks

For fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers, Tiptree offers ample options. The Tiptree Fitness Centre, equipped with modern facilities and offering a variety of classes, caters to all fitness levels. Meanwhile, the sprawling Messing Maypole Green and the picturesque Grove Park provide serene environments for jogging, picnics, and leisurely walks, reflecting Tiptree's commitment to outdoor living and community well-being.

Transport Routes

Connectivity is key for any new homebuyer, and Tiptree excels in this aspect. Situated conveniently between major road networks, including the A12, residents enjoy easy access to London, Colchester, and the surrounding regions. Additionally, nearby Kelvedon Railway Station offers direct train services to London Liverpool Street, making Tiptree an ideal spot for commuters. In conclusion, Tiptree offers a compelling mix of local charm, ample amenities, and excellent connectivity, making it a prime location for anyone considering purchasing new homes in Tiptree. Whether it's the top-tier restaurants, esteemed schools, accessible transport routes, lush parks, or modern gyms, this Essex gem ensures a high-quality lifestyle for its residents.