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New build homes for sale in Brockham

Tanners Meadow

Tanners Meadow

Brockham, Surrey, RH3 7NJ

£770,000 - £800,000

Charles Church

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Why Buy a New Home in Brockham?

Brockham, nestled in the heart of Surrey, United Kingdom, is an idyllic village offering a unique blend of countryside charm and modern amenities. It's a place where the community spirit is palpable, and the serene landscapes of the North Downs provide a picturesque backdrop to daily life. For those considering purchasing new homes in Brockham, the area boasts several compelling attractions ranging from top-rated restaurants to excellent schools, well-maintained parks, convenient transport routes, and more.

Exceptional Dining Experiences

Brockham's culinary scene is surprisingly vibrant, given its quaint village status. The Grumpy Mole is at the forefront, offering a wide range of dishes that cater to various tastes, all served in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Their Sunday roasts are particularly popular among locals and visitors alike. Another notable mention is The Royal Oak, which combines great food with live music events, making it a perfect spot for an enjoyable evening out.

Outstanding Educational Institutions

For families considering making Brockham their home, the village does not disappoint when it comes to education. Brockham Primary School is highly regarded, known for its commitment to fostering a supportive and stimulating environment for its pupils. Furthermore, Brockham benefits from its proximity to several reputable secondary schools and colleges in nearby towns, ensuring a broad range of options for secondary education.

Health and Well-being Facilities

Residents of Brockham can keep active and healthy with several gym and fitness options available in and around the area. Local gyms offer a variety of classes and modern equipment, catering to fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Moreover, the village's location provides easy access to numerous walking and cycling paths through the lovely Surrey countryside, promoting a healthy, outdoors lifestyle.

Scenic Parks and Leisure Opportunities

Brockham is home to several parks and green spaces, where residents can enjoy nature, picnics, and leisurely strolls. Brockham Green is a focal point for community events, including the famous Brockham Bonfire, an annual celebration attracting visitors from across the region.

Convenient Transport Links

One of the many benefits of residing in Brockham is the convenience of transport. The village is well-connected by roads, with easy access to the M25, offering efficient routes to London and other parts of the UK. Furthermore, nearby train stations, such as Dorking and Reigate, provide regular services to London, Gatwick Airport, and the South Coast, making travel for work or leisure both easy and accessible. In conclusion, considering new homes in Brockham presents an attractive proposition for those looking to combine the tranquility of country living with the convenience of modern amenities and connectivity. Whether it's the top-notch local eateries, the quality educational facilities, the health and well-being options, the beautiful natural surroundings, or the strong transport links, Brockham is truly a great place to buy a new home.