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New build homes for sale in Newton Regis

Newton Manor

Newton Manor

Newton Regis, Warwickshire, B79 0NA

£799,995 - £830,000

Cameron Homes

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Why Buy a New Home in Newton Regis?

Newton Regis is a quaint village nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Warwickshire, United Kingdom, making it a perfect destination for those seeking the tranquility of the countryside without losing the convenience of modern amenities. The village's allure is further enhanced by its selection of top-notch restaurants, schools, gyms, parks, and well-planned transport routes, making it an ideal location for new homes in Newton Regis.

Top Restaurants for Culinary Adventures

Newton Regis proudly hosts an array of dining options that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Among the must-visit spots is The Plough Inn, a classic English pub offering a wide selection of local beers and hearty meals, presenting a perfect blend of comfort and quality. For those looking to explore international cuisines, Newton Regis provides several options, including authentic Italian and Indian restaurants that promise an exquisite culinary journey.

Educational Excellence in Local Schools

Education is a cornerstone of the Newton Regis community, with several highly regarded schools within the vicinity. The village is home to Newton Regis C of E Primary School, which is celebrated for its supportive learning environment and dedicated staff, ensuring that children receive a solid educational foundation. Furthermore, the proximity to outstanding secondary schools and colleges in the surrounding areas guarantees a continuum of quality education for all age groups.

Stay Fit and Active with Local Gyms and Parks

For fitness enthusiasts or those simply looking to enjoy the outdoors, Newton Regis does not disappoint. The village boasts modern gym facilities equipped with the latest fitness technology and friendly, professional staff. Meanwhile, the local parks, such as the serene Newton Regis Village Green, offer breathtaking natural beauty and ample space for jogging, picnicking, or leisurely walks, ensuring residents can easily maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Efficient Transport Routes for Easy Commuting

Newton Regis's strategic location ensures that residents can benefit from easy access to major transport routes, enabling seamless commuting to and from major cities and towns. Whether by road or public transport, connectivity is a key advantage for those considering new homes in Newton Regis. The nearby M42 motorway is a critical link for commuters, while local bus services provide reliable and frequent connections to surrounding areas. In conclusion, Newton Regis stands out as an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a new home in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. With its combination of fine dining, educational excellence, recreational facilities, and excellent transport links, it promises a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.